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        Renewable Energy

        AlzChem DYHARD? micronized dicyandiamide grades are sold worldwide as effective epoxy resin hardeners. The DYHARD? product range of curing agents includes a full range of accelerators for use in adhesives, powder coatings, printed circuit boards and composites. DYHARD? products play a key role ensuring safety and quality in the automotive, airline, wind power and other high performance industries.

        AlzChem SILZOT? HQ silicon nitride is produced in Trostberg, Bavaria/Germany for more than 20 years, for the production of advanced ceramics by means of the sintering process. Its characteristics have been continuously optimized in collaboration with the customers and external R&D institutes in order to meet the requirements of the user.

        The solar grade silicon nitride SILZOT? SQ plays an important role in the competitive production of solar wafers from polycrystalline silicon thanks to its high purity and superior material properties. Within a few years AlzChem has become one of?the leading suppliers of solar grade silicon nitride to the solar market.


        High performance not only in the achievement of goals but also in the product portfolio, which is characterized by a wide range and many different application possibilities. A decline in the automotive industry was counteracted by additional generated sales in other market areas. Noteworthy here are the segments of adhesive and powder coating applications, as well as prepreg applications, particularly in the industrial and in the aviation segment. With regard to the innovative technologies of...
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        25 members of the global DYHARD? Community from the U.S., Asia and Europe attended the 2nd DYHARD? World Sales Conference (DWSC) in Grassau close to Lake Chiemsee. After presenting the respective local markets, the latest developments of the DYHARD? product portfolio were discussed: innovative technologies such as our DYHARD? fluid epoxy system for filament winding of composite pressure vessels, i.e. for hydrogen mobility. Our objective: TOGETHER FOR ONE VISION.
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        In addition to the proven hardeners and accelerators in powder form for epoxy resin applications, we have also high-performance liquid products in our portfolio, e.g. for prepregs, RTMs or filament windings. These products score with their excellent latency and great energy saving potential. We gladly send you further information.
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        Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), is the best manufacturing technology for the production of high volume and complex components. AlzChem offers an feedstock for CIM based on silicon nitride powder –Silzot? FS. This feedstock not only allows you to produce complex shapes, but the sintered parts will have the highest mechanical properties, like silicon nitride ceramics produced in conventional ways.
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        2020-09-22 to 2020-09-23
        ?AlzChem is exhibiting at this year's Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. Ceramics Expo offers a unique opportunity to see and experience first-hand the innovations in materials, processes and products that drive today's ceramic manufacturing...
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