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        Multi purpose plants at AlzChem - Broad expertise ensures supply of critical raw materials for medicines

        Many years of extensive experience in complex organic chemistry - including moisture-free and oxygen-free organometallic reactions as well as large-scale Grignard reactions in diethyl ether - are among the traditional core competencies of AlzChem. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the experts on the reactivity of cyanamide, the company was able to establish numerous intermediates for medications based on NCN chemistry on a commercial scale in its multipurpose facilities, including cancer drugs and flu drugs.

        In addition, AlzChem offers flexibility and speed with high implementation rates for new customer-specific projects: The teams of experts are optimally positioned to process projects efficiently, implement decisions quickly and to answer inquiries rapidly and substantively. With its sustainable principles - reliability, fairness, trust, responsibility and quality "made in Germany", AlzChem supports its customers and their sustainable competitiveness.

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        Dr. Alexander Dippold

        Dr. Alexander Dippold