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        AlzChem strengthens its sales activities with an exclusive distribution agreement with Cometal S.A. for Iberia

        As of January 2020 AlzChem has entered into an agreement with Cometal S.A. in Madrid, Spain, covering the exclusive distribution of AlzChem’s Calzot?.

        Cometal specializes in the metallurgical industry and relies on an excellent global and local network, focusing on niche markets. Therefore, AlzChem chose Cometal as strong and reliable partner for the distribution of Calzot? in Spain and Portugal.

        Calzot? is based on the chemical compound calcium cyanamide (CaCN2) and is applied in various metallurgical processes. The main use of Calzot? is for nitriding liquid steel by addition of Calzot? as granules or as a cored wire. The nitrogen dissolves in the melt and contributes to an increase in both strength and corrosion resistance of the thus produced steel. Granulated Calzot? is available in different grain sizes and is also applied in powder nitriding.

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