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        | 2020-04-24
        As of January 2020 AlzChem has entered into an agreement with Cometal S.A. in Madrid, Spain, covering the exclusive distribution of AlzChem’s Calzot?. Cometal specializes in the metallurgical... read more
        | 2020-04-15
        Many years of extensive experience in complex organic chemistry - including moisture-free and oxygen-free organometallic reactions as well as large-scale Grignard reactions in diethyl ether - are... read more
        | 2020-04-09
        The Creapure? production video is now also available in English. For all those English-speaking people, this means leaning back, having a look at the production process and having it explained in... read more
        | 2020-04-03
        Recently, the AlzChem product Dormex? has received new registrations in the USA and Australia for use in additional crops: In the USA, the use on pistachios and almonds has been approved by the... read more
        | 2020-03-24
        Sales increase slightly to EUR 376.1 million in 2019 EBITDA improved to EUR 50.1 million Dividend of EUR 0.75 per share planned Continued revenue growth with stable EBITDA margin projected... read more
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        | 2020-03-10
        From the group of organosilicon compounds, triethylsilane is used as a reducing agent and for hydrosilylation. The high product purity of triethylsilane is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry... read more
        | 2020-03-06
        Since the start of the own distribution of Creamino? on January 1, 2019, AlzChem has further expanded its worldwide reach. Creamino? has also recently become available in Brazil via NutriQuest... read more
        | 2020-02-24
        The digitalization not only brings many changes in private life, but also more and more additional advantages and opportunities in the world of work. AlzChem is also taking advantage of the... read more
        | 2020-02-14
        The special fertilizer Perlka? is already available in many countries worldwide. The sales in Southeast Asia are now being further expanded. In Japan, for example, Perlka? has been an integral part... read more
        | 2020-01-29
        As of now, LIVADUR? will be promoted on broadcast nationwide. Pharmacist Nina Zehrmann will talk about LIVADUR? within the context of Klassik Radios show the “Gesunde Stunde”.   It is... read more


        The Annual General Meeting of AlzChem Group AG takes place on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 10:00 a.m...
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        2020-09-01 to 2020-09-03
        ?The Vitafoods Europe is the event where the global nutraceutical supply chain comes together to do...
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