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        Custom synthesis at AlzChem - many years of experience and diverse technologies

        Toll manufacturing

        In our multi-purpose plants at the Trostberg site, a multitude of technologies for custom syntheses are at your disposal. Besides cyanamide and heterocycle chemistry, our expertise includes Grignard syntheses and gas phase reactions. As part of our custom manufacturing activities, we operate equipment for the safe handling of highly air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic products. In addition to Grignard reactions, the current portfolio includes the handling of silicon, lithium, aluminum and titanium compounds.

        Flexibility and speed with high implementation rates for new projects are important competencies of AlzChem. By establishing a cross-functional organization we have exactly the right people in a team to work on projects efficiently and implement decisions quickly. Successful growth with our customers confirms our modern way of teamwork.

        Dr. Alexander Dippold

        Dr. Alexander Dippold

        There are various ways of co-operation.

        AlzChem’s Development Process is highly flexible in order to facilitate an entry into each project phase:

        You have an idea, but not the research capability to realize it? We would be happy to co-operate with you on the research. We will take all the time required to discuss your idea with you; we will listen to you and try to understand your requirements, so that an optimal commercial process may be achieved. Trust in one another is for us the basis for successful co-operation.

        You may have a simple laboratory synthesis? Upscaling is necessary in order to establish a commercial process and you do not have this capability? Our process optimization methods will analyze your synthesis and identify potential areas of improvement!

        Alternatively, you already have a technically sound synthesis procedure, but not the necessary production capacity? With our long-standing experience, we can quickly give you a price indication for a production on any scale. A large range of technologies and modern facilities enable us to carry out a multitude of reaction types as well as multi-step syntheses.

        It is our goal to provide product of highest quality combined with an exceptional level of service considering customer specific needs. Needless to add that confidentiality is an integral part of each custom specific Project.

        Each phase is accompanied by our in-house support functions:

        AlzChem has long-standing experience in many fields of organic synthetic chemistry. Numerous procedures are implemented using a broad range of reaction technologies, raw materials and production Equipment:

        Core Technologies:

        • Large scale Grignard reactions
        • Gas phase reactions (ammoxidation/ ammonolysis)
        • Synthesis of N-C-N Heterocycles (pyrimidines, triazines, triazoles)
        • Guanylation
        • Dehydrogenation
        • Moisture and oxygen-free conditions
        • Air sensitive / organometallic reactions
        • Multi-step synthesis

        Challenging Chemicals:

        • Diethyl Ether
        • Cyanamide
        • Acid chlorides
        • Isocyanates
        • Highly "active" compounds

        We can commercialize your synthesis quickly and reliably. We are also pleased to determine any safety-relevant technical data for you and we will also deal with any necessary registrations on your behalf.
        Pharmaceutical products and their precursors can be produced according to GMP conditions.


        ? Multipurpose Plants GMP
        ? ? large medium small Plant
        STEAM 6 bars / 160° X X X X
        BRINE -20 °C X X X X
        ? -50 °C X - X -
        HEAT TRANSFER OIL up to 200-250 °C X X X -


        MATERIALS ? Multipurpose Plants GMP
        ? ? large medium small Plant
        STEEL GRADES 1.4571 x x x x
        ? 1.4539 x x x x
        ? Hastelloy - - x x
        GLASS-LINED STEEL ? x x x x


        REACTORS ? Multipurpose Plants GMP
        ? ? large medium small Plant
        NUMBER ? 8 6 9 4
        VOLUMES up to m3 22 8 2.5 12


        • 43 Reactors with a total reactor volume of 340 m3 (glass-lined, hastelloy, stainless steel) with a temperature range from -30°C to +250°C
        • 13 Solid/liquid separation units (centrifuges, pressure nutsches up to 6m2)
        • 12 Dryers (paddle and nutsch dryers with 2-9 m3, temperature up to 200°C)
        • 5 Distillation columns (+ short path distillation)
        • Wiped film evaporator
        • 2 Gas phase reactors including peripherals
        • Air jet mills


        As a supplier of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, AlzChem is now also helping to produce “corona tests”: intermediate products from AlzChem are used in both tests that detect SARS-CoV-2 and the tests used to detect antibodies.   For many years AlzChem has been reliably supplying various pharmaceutical companies with the two intermediate products guanidine hydrochloride and guanidine thiocyanate. Both are now also used to manufacture the corona tests that are currently...
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        Many years of extensive experience in complex organic chemistry - including moisture-free and oxygen-free organometallic reactions as well as large-scale Grignard reactions in diethyl ether - are among the traditional core competencies of AlzChem. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the experts on the reactivity of cyanamide, the company was able to establish numerous intermediates for medications based on NCN chemistry on a commercial scale in its multipurpose facilities, including cancer...
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        From the group of organosilicon compounds, triethylsilane is used as a reducing agent and for hydrosilylation. The high product purity of triethylsilane is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, especially for new developments of highly effective antivirals. An antiviral drug inhibits the multiplication of viruses and therefore is used as a drug in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by viruses. REACH registered, triethylsilane has been produced in large volumes for over 10...
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        We are proud about our investment in a new additional distillation column in the amount of € 7.2 million, which was successfully started on schedule in early July 2019. Thus we can serve our customers including our products 2,6-Dichlorobenzonitrile and p-Chlorobenzonitrile at a reliable high level of quality. Furthermore, our entire team responded excellently to the changing demand on the world market and carried out a corresponding optimization of the product mix. This means that we...
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        2020-11-11 to 2020-11-12
        ?Reliability is our trademark: Chemspec Europe is traditionally a fixed date in AlzChem’s calendar being again represented with its own booth. This time the show is from 11th to 12th November, in Cologne. On top of our standard portfolio...
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        2020-11-10 to 2020-11-12
        ?DYHARD? will be present at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2020, the 15th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications again. Our special focus: a fluid system for filament winding of composite pressure vessels. We are...
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