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        Good Chemistry

        AlzChem Group AG, an INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL COMPANY, has positioned itself in the world of specialty chemistry with both well established and new products for global markets. The company has round 1,620 employees and an annual revenue of more than 376 million euros.

        With a wide range of applications, AlzChem continues to focus on NCN chemistry products with the typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen bonds, which have been developed in Trostberg.

        AlzChem Group data

        • round 1.620 employees
        • round 150 apprentices
        • main activity field: NCN-Chemicals
        • executive board: Andreas Niedermaier (Chairman), Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer, Klaus Englmaier

        Our aim is?to be a good partner, employer, trainer and neighbour.?And we take our responsibility?very seriously.

        Applications for our products:

        • Nutrition
        • Renewable Energies
        • Fine Chemicals
        • Agriculture
        • Metallurgy

        Our Guidelines

        Our Vision

        "We combine our integrated Production Verbund with innovative chemistry to provide customer-focused applications into selected markets."

        • Commitment to the "NCN Chain"
          We say a definite "yes!" to carbide and to the Production Verbund based on it - the foundation and the strength that underpins all our activities.
        • Growth
          We are all about innovation. We strive to create new fields of activity, tap into profitable markets and optimize our value chain - day in, day out.
        • Creating added value for our Customers
          We sell solutions, not molecules. We achieve this by working closely with our customers in order to identify early on where they have potentials for improvement, and then combine our energies towards this goal.
        • Focus
          We concentrate on several clearly defined target markets where we want to grow and to be the preferred supplier for our customers.

        AlzChem company guidelines

        BME Code of ConductCode of Conduct

        AlzChem has acceded to the Code of Conduct of the BME (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V.), which is internationally known as the German Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (AMMPL). By acceding to the Code of Conduct, the company has pledged to prevent corruption and comply with ethical principles in its dealings with customers, competitors and business partners. In all its business activities and decisions, AlzChem commits to observe applicable laws.

        AlzChem will also complete the self-disclosure procedure that is carried out on an annual basis.

        You can find the entire BME Code of Conduct?here and also the certificate and the Notes.


        The Management

        Andreas Niedermaier AlzChem

        Andreas Niedermaier

        Chairman of Executive Board


        • Finance, Controlling & Accounting
        • Information Technologie
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Company Strategy
        • Legal / Patents and Trademarks
        • Human Resources & Social Affairs
        • Risk Management
        • Investor Relations & Communication
        Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer

        Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer

        Member of Executive Board


        • Marketing
        • Sales
        • Innovation management & Process Development
        • R&D
        • Product safety and approval
        Klaus Englmaier

        Klaus Englmaier

        Member of Executive Board


        • Production & Engineering
        • Engineering / Process Engineering
        • Environment, Safety, Health, Quality
        Our social involvement

        AlzChem is actively engaged in the social life of the communities around its sites. It helps fund projects that improve the lives of children and young people, supports school projects and is a member of the Wissensfabrik (knowledge factory).


        Schools and kindergartens

        "Science - How Does it Work?" (NaWi) When AlzChem is on the road visiting local kindergartens and schools it helps train teachers and educators, if they express an interest, and we form co-operations to help.

        • NaWi – 4 Minis NaWi (Kindergarten)
        • NaWi - So, how does that work then? (Elementary schools)


        AlzChem sport sponsoring makes it possible for young athletes to get a start in the world of sport.


        Funding body and company

        AlzChem is also a member of the Trostberg industry-supported funding body, and so helps support the town, its citizens and associations.