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        Product Group: Plant growth regulator

        Dormex? is a plant growth regulator used in vineyards and orchards to break bud dormancy and stimulate more uniform and earlier bud break. Treatment with Dormex? is necessary in regions with mild winters, where natural chilling is not sufficient to satisfy the chilling requirement of the target crops. The ?proper application of Dormex? increases the number of emerging buds, which in turn leads to impressive yield increases. Furthermore, Dormex? has proved to considerably advance bloom and harvest time in various regions worldwide.

        The active ingredient of Dormex? is hydrogen cyanamide, a substance which is also present in nature. For example, plants like hairy vetch synthesize cyanamide for self-defence purposes.

        Dormex? is manufactured in Germany under high quality standards, proved by ISO 9001 and TüV certificates. These high standards for production and handling, assure that the product performs as indicated.

        Dormex? is the perfect tool to manage production and harvest time in temperate zone crops. Ongoing research programs support the development of best practices to optimize the growth of crops under ever changing and often challenging conditions.


        Storage and Safety instructions


        Dormex? is temperature sensitive. It should always be stored below 20 °C. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf-life significantly. Never let Dormex? stand in the full sun or apply temperatures above 40°C even for short periods. Place in a temperature controlled environment soon after purchase.

        Always comply with the safety instructions provided in our safety data sheet!

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        A uniform maturity at harvest depends on getting a uniform bud break. All deciduous fruit crops need a sufficient amount of winter chilling hours to resume normal growth in spring. In regions with mild or without winters, bud break is not optimal and consequently yield is reduced.

        Dormex? partially substitutes the lack of chilling hours and ensures an optimal bud break by releasing the plant from dormancy.

        Depending on the application time, Dormex? can advance bud break and consequently harvest time. This effect can be used by growers effectively to stagger the harvest time in order to fetch the highest crop market prices or utilize labor for fruit picking efficiently.

        The optimal DORMEX? application rate and time depends on chilling exposure during dormancy and on other factors like crop variety, growth vigor, stress etc. These factors may vary distinctly depending on the local climatic conditions. Please, follow the instructions on the product label and contact your local distributor for the best application rate and timing under your conditions.

        As DORMEX is a contact chemical, there is no translocation within the plant. Therefore, a thorough covering of the bud with the spray solution is essential. Use big droplets and a high spray volume. Spray until point of run off. Do not apply if rain is expected within 4 hours of application.


        Recently, the AlzChem product Dormex? has received new registrations in the USA and Australia for use in additional crops: In the USA, the use on pistachios and almonds has been approved by the responsible authority (EPA - Environmental Protection Agency). On the other side of the world, in Australia, almonds and walnuts are now on the list of crops for which Dormex? is suitable and approved. Dormex? is a growth regulator that breaks the dormancy of cultivated plants and induces earlier and...
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        Since the start of the own distribution of Creamino? on January 1, 2019, AlzChem has further expanded its worldwide reach. Creamino? has also recently become available in Brazil via NutriQuest Technofeed. The new distribution partner distributes highly innovative products for animal nutrition. The products of NutriQuest Technofeed complement AlzChem's Creamino?, the creatine source for healthy growth in animals, perfectly. Brazil is one of the leading animal producers worldwide and therefore...
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        Over a period of 10 years the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture tested the effect of calcium cyanamide in potatoes. In 17 trials the effect of a fertilization with 400 kg/ha of calcium cyanamide was tested. The results showed, that in average approximately 5% of the potatoes did show less or no damage from wireworm infestations. The additionally marketable tubers payed off more than three times the additional costs incurred. Comparable results were also achieved by DLR Rheinland...
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        2020-11-17 to 2020-11-20
        ?AlzChem takes part in the 2-year happening Eurotier fair from 17th to 20th November 2020 in Hannover and welcomes you at our stand. Find out more about our products Creamino? and Alzogur? at the world's leading trade fair for poultry and...
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