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        Product Group: Biocide

        ALZOGUR? is a product for the treatment of liquid manure in pigsties. It destroys the infective agent of dysentery (pig diarrhoea), it fights the larvae of flies and also reduces the noxious gas released from liquid manure. After the spreading of liquid manure on the fields ALZOGUR? becomes available to the plants as a nitrogen-rich nutrient.

        No more flies and dysentery in pig farming!

        The liquid manure underneath slatted floors holds numerous risks for successful pig farming: not only are many pathogens able to survive in the manure and remain viable and infectious for several months, it is also an ideal breeding ground for flies. Flies are not only a nuisance for the animals, they also transmit dangerous pathogens from the slurry channel.

        However, ALZOGUR? is at hand to eradicate fly larvae (Musca domestica) and dysentery (B. hyodysenteriae) from liquid manure, creating a beneficial climate in the pig house and provides sustaining protection against flies and dysentery.

        Click through to the following pages for detailed information on the mode of action and correct application of ALZOGUR?.

        Martin Eberl

        Martin Eberl

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        ALZOGUR? is a biocide for treating liquid manure in pig houses. It is used to eradicate fly larvae with sustaining effect and to kill dysentery pathogens in the slurry.

        In connection with dysentery, ALZOGUR? plays an important role in both the decontamination of affected farms and prophylactic treatment.

        Once slurry treated with ALZOGUR? has been spread on the fields, ALZOGUR? is converted into forms of nitrogen that are readily available to plants and thus acts as an effective plant nutrient.

        Ausbringung von ALZOGUR? auf den Spaltenboden

        ALZOGUR? is a biocide for treating liquid manure. ALZOGUR? reliably controls fly larvae in their breeding grounds, that is in liquid manure. This effectively eradicates these disease carriers and contributes to healthy pig house hygiene.

        ALZOGUR? is particularly important in combatting swine dysentery, as it eliminates the pathogen Brachyspira hyodysenteriae from liquid manure and thus breaks the infectious cycle.

        The active substance of ALZOGUR? gradually decomposes in liquid manure over a period of several months, but once the manure has been spread on the field, it is broken down completely into nitrogen compounds readily available to plants within a matter of days.

        The correct application of ALZOGUR? is essential not only for successful treatment, but also for the safety of humans and animals.

        It is therefore imperative that you read the directions for use on the packaging label.

        IMPORTANT: Always wear personal protective equipment when preparing and spreading the ALZOGUR? solution and when rinsing off ALZOGUR?!


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